Expulsion or Withdrawal of Member

NCUA RULES AND REGULATIONS APPENDIX A TO PART 701—FEDERAL CREDIT UNION BYLAWS  ARTICLE II. QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP Section 3. Maintenance of membership share required. A member who wi … [Read more...]

SAFE ACT Education Resources

Q. Who are the NMLS approved education providers? A. A list of NMLS approved course providers is posted on the Education Page. Q.  When do I need to complete my 20 hours of pre-licensure … [Read more...]

UCC Section 4-208 Altered Check Regulation

Scenario) A check was issued by a CU member for $130.00 for services rendered.  When presented for payment at the payee’s financial institution it was written for a different amount ($650).  App … [Read more...]

Discount Power Program Update

CT Credit Unions enrolled in the original Discount Power Program (A-Z): Achieve Financial Credit Union, Bristol Municipal Employees FCU, Community Credit Union of New Milford Inc., Connex CU, CT … [Read more...]

Professional of the Year: Keith Wiemert

Keith Wiemert

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Volunteer of the Year Award: Hank Petroskey


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2014 Annual Meeting Virtual Vendor Show

The Credit Union League of Connecticut Annual Meeting Virtual Vendor Show Click on the links below to see profiles of the companies participating in the League’s Annual Meeting Vendor Show on W … [Read more...]

Don’t Tax My CT CU: Contacts and Talking Points

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to get a bill raised that would exempt state chartered credit unions from the state sales and use tax. It is: H. B. 5470 An Act Requiring a Sales and … [Read more...]

Receiving Discounts through Neach-CULCT Partnership

HOW TO REGISTER for NEACH Education: NEACH members:  Register at the member price of $195 for single events. Non-NEACH members that are affiliated with the League:   Register at the reduced pr … [Read more...]

Compliance Network Agenda 2-25-14

The February 25th Agenda is as follows: I.      INTRODUCTION OF NEW COMPLIANCE NETWORK II.       QM/ATR a.      One month in, general comments b.      Specific issues/Questions from group: … [Read more...]