Don’t Tax My CT CU: Contacts and Talking Points

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to get a bill raised that would exempt state chartered credit unions from the state sales and use tax. It is: H. B. 5470 An Act Requiring a Sales and … [Read more...]

Baldini Law

Baldini Law

Baldini Law, LLC 650 Farmington Avenue Hartford, CT 06105 Office: 860.967.3777 Mobile: 860.810.7333 Fax: 860.606.9797 E-mail: General Counsel Services Baldini Law, LLC … [Read more...]

Dress Down for CULAC

Dress Down for CULAC Here's how you can win! During the months of March, April and May host one dress-down day each month to benefit CULAC. There will be one winner each month in each employee … [Read more...]

CU Policy Pro

CU PolicyPro CU PolicyPro contains comprehensive policies and regulatory guidance developed and written especially for credit unions by regulatory (legal and financial) experts. CU PolicyPro is also … [Read more...]

Connecticut InfoSight

Connecticut Compliance InfoSight Also part of our compliance program is Connecticut Compliance InfoSight, a website containing dozens of pages on a variety of compliance topics, including more than … [Read more...]

CUNA Responds to NCUA Proposal on Risk Based Net Worth

LEAGUE GOVERNMENT RELATIONS NEWS As you know, the NCUA has come out with a proposal on risk based net worth. We thought you would appreciate a summary of the issue based on the research that CUNA … [Read more...]


CULAC raised a little more $2.4 million for the 2012 elections—or just 53% of our 2011-2012 cycle goal of $4.6 million. Unfortunately, Connecticut credit unions are not doing our fair share in … [Read more...]

Compliance Network

Compliance Networking The Compliance Network is a group of CEOs and compliance professionals gathering once a quarter to discuss pertinent issues from a regulatory standpoint.  The meetings are … [Read more...]

Compliance Resource Center

Session Materials CULCT Mortgage Regulation Session 1/9/14 CFPB Update Jay Hershman Presentation Changes to Mortage Lending Regulations Closing-disclosure 3 875 loan Loan-estimate … [Read more...]

Fundraiser Materials

Thank you for participating in our fundraiser! Here are additional materials you can put up for display in your branches. PDF Materials: Poster Press release     … [Read more...]