Serving the Hispanic Market

HispanicGuideCoverResponding to the financial needs of a specific population segment of our state, the League created Connecticut Credit Unions: Serving the Hispanic Market, a guide developed specifically for Connecticut credit unions to serve the Hispanic community. As the fastest growing minority segment in Connecticut with arguably the strongest spending power, the Hispanic market is ironically the most underserved by the financial services industry. This guide is designed to assist credit unions in correcting that oversight.

Statistics show that more than 80% of Hispanics in our country aggressively seek financial services, and 88% want these services aimed directly at them. As not-for-profit financial cooperatives, credit unions are the ideal instrument to provide such services to all demographic markets. Serving the Hispanic population is a clear display of the international credit union motto of “People Helping People.” What’s more, serving Hispanics is not only good for business, it’s the right thing to do.


  • Why Focus On Hispanics?
  • What The Hispanic Population Looks Like
  • How To Serve This Market
  • How To Promote Credit Union Services
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Which Credit Unions Are Serving Hispanics
  • What Our Competitors Are Doing
  • Why It All Matters


  • Latino Media Outlets In Connecticut
  • Resource List
  • Glossary

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