New Haven Chapter Reality Fair Brings Fun Financial Literacy to Hamden HS

Michael HincheyOn Wednesday, October 9th, over 300 students from 5 different schools ran the gauntlet that was the New Haven Chapter Financial Reality Fair at Hamden High School. Wave after wave of students navigated the fair buying up fancy apartments, expensive phone and internet plans, exotic pets, fast cars and huge televisions with top of the line gaming systems. Credit cards were maxed out. Bank accounts were depleted. Student’s jumped for joy, swimming in the fantasy that was to be their rich life after college, free of parents, free of classes, free of responsibility!… Then actuality hit and students lined up for part time jobs, for high interest loans and prayed for a gift at the ever-popular wheel of reality. There just was not enough money for everything they wanted.

One student on her way to financial counseling was caught muttering, “Wow… This is going to take a lot of careful planning”. And alas, the light bulb blinks on and the bell rings on another successful fair. Students were eager to learn all they could from financial counselors, thirsty for any information that could help them achieve financial stability. It’s a beautiful thing to see a room full of high school seniors listening so intently. The next fair will take place on October 30, 2013 in Hartford at our State Capitol.

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Is Your Local Senior Class Ready for Financial Reality?