Positions Wanted Instructions


Applicants seeking careers in credit unions will be able to indicate their interests and qualifications, with the League coordinating the communication between applicant and credit union.

All ads will be “blind.”  The names of the applicants will not be listed, but each will be number-coded.  Credit unions may request, by number, specific resumes to be forwarded to them, however the League will not notify applicants of such request.

Applicants must submit a written synopsis of their resume to be used as the print ad.  A complete resume must accompany all “Positions Wanted” ads.  Ads will be published for two months unless requested by the applicant to pull the ad after one month.  If the applicant wishes his/her ad to appear for longer than two months, he/she must request it in writing.  Ads will not appear for more than six consecutive months.

Please send materials to hrmgr@culct.coop.