Hartford Chapter Financial Reality Fair Lights Up State Capitol

Counseling with Nathan HaleOn Wednesday, October 30th, over 350 students from 14 different schools descended on the State Capitol to participate in this year’s Hartford area Financial Reality Fair put on by over 50 CT credit union volunteers.

Beneath the golden dome, students prepared for their post scholastic lives equipped with simulated jobs, credit cards, credit union accounts and debt. The engaging and interactive education resource bequeaths students with an idea of the financial challenges they will face after entering the workforce. 

Students, teachers and volunteers rave about the experience and in the end everybody wins. Credit Union volunteers get a chance to embody their people helping people philosophy, teachers engage in important interactive learning, students become better prepared for ‘real life’, and the Connecticut economy trains a financially responsible next generation. 

Visit http://ctrealityfair.org/ to learn more about getting involved.


Is Your Local Senior Class Ready for Financial Reality?