Torrington Municipal and Teachers FCU Wins Dora Maxwell Award to Torrington Municipal and Teachers Credit Union for winning an honorable mention for this year’s Dora Maxwell Award!

Dora Maxwell was an original signer of CUNA’s constitution and a tireless organizer of hundreds of credit unions throughout the United States. She also developed volunteer organizer clubs and worked tirelessly with organizations on behalf of the poor.

The Maxwell award is presented to credit unions in eight asset-size categories for outstanding social responsibility projects in their communities. Activities may include: solving core community problems, coordinating supply drives for the needy, raising money or organizing special events for charitable organizations, or mentoring students.

CUNA has announced the winners and will present the awards at the February 24-27 Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington D.C.

We are so proud of Torrington Municipal and Teachers Credit Union’s continued effort to help members and the community. For a prime example of what Torrington does to receive this recognition take a look at this article published by CUNA today about Torrington going above and beyond to help a member in need.

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