Financial Reality Fair Book Fundraiser

Financial Reality Fair Fundraiser Trades Money Rules Book for Student Sponsorships  money-rules-300cs032612

Since 2008, the Financial Reality Fair Foundation in partnership with Connecticut’s Credit Unions has brought free and fun financial literacy to over 13,000 students across Connecticut. Today’s media wants money management to be all about spending, but it’s a trap. The trick is balancing. Students receive an individualized budget sheet upon entry to the fair which they use, as they simulate their first year on their own, to create a financial plan, to build decision making habits which will carry them and their families to finical stability and success.

Remember finding that first job, receiving the first rent bill, couch surfing and borrowing transportation until you got approved for a loan? Remember feeling helpless? Remember those mistakes? Not saving, not investing in yourself, over-drafting or forgetting a payment? It stunk and it happened when the economy was stronger.

According to a government survey cited in the USA today, one in three 18-25 year old citizens struggle with mental illness brought on by financial stress. Money insecurity is depressing America’s youth and has become a real danger to people graduating high school and college. We want to help.

We want to expand our outreach to even more students next year. Without your donations it would be impossible to offer this free fair to schools across Connecticut. We need your help and here is a great way to give:

This holiday season, your credit union will be hosting a month long Financial Reality Fair fundraiser. Go to the teller counter with a $10 donation to the Financial Reality Fair Foundation and receive a great little book with tons of easy to understand financial tips called, Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security by Jean Chatzky. Make it a great gift to a loved one this holiday season and know that your donation will not only help your son or daughter, niece or nephew, but it will also help the Connecticut community. Your donation will sponsor a student’s experience at one of next year’s financial reality fairs.