Dress Down for CULAC

Dress Down for CULAC

Here’s how you can win! During the months of March, April and May host one dress-down day each month to benefit CULAC. There will be one winner each month in each employee category based on the highest percentage of participants of total full time employees. (Employee counts are from the latest NCUA report.)

There will also be one winner in each employee category that cumulatively raised the most funds during the three months.

Employee Categories are:

100+ Full time employees

51-100 Full time employees

26 – 50 Full time employees

11 – 25 Full time employees

2 – 5 Full time employees

All CUs with 1 employee who have full participation during the three months will also win.

All participants must provide a list of contributors names and make cashier checks payable to CUPAC.

All CU’s who want to participate must have a signed permission agreement. Please contact Kelly with any questions.