The Connecticut Compliance Solution

The Credit Union League of Connecticut has formed “The Connecticut Compliance Solution,” a joint endeavor between the League and M&M Consulting. This new solution consists of very strong “dues-based” services as well as access to a scalable, comprehensive compliance solution.

Dues-Supported Services

All dues-paying, affiliated credit unions will receive the following:

  • Access to a full-time compliance “Answer-Person” (by fax or email). This service is available during normal business hours, five days per week, throughout the year. Current contact is as follows:
    Phone: 207-677-6354
    Fax: 207-514-8081

In many instances, the Answer Person will respond by phone.

  • Receipt of all M&M compliance updates and newsletters (in a version that is Connecticut credit union specific)
  • Access to free or minimal fee compliance training by a nationally recognized compliance professional

Comprehensive Compliance Program (Subscriber-Based)

Affiliated credit unions have access to this unique and “scaled” (specialized pricing for “small” credit unions) compliance solution at an affordable cost.

Some of the main components of the program provide:

  • Extensive guidance as laws and regulations change, including a regular compliance letter
  • Review of advertisements sent to the M&M Answerperson prior to publication
  • On-site regulatory compliance reviews with detailed written reports not only identifying issues, but also including recommendations for correcting the issues
  • Twenty-four hour access to the CBT (Computer Based Training) compliance training module for all staff, Board, and Supervisory Committee members
  • Access to seasoned, professional compliance professionals in every major area of compliance
  • Examiner familiarity and understanding of product and audit professionals

In order to make an appointment with or talk about compliance solutions in further detail, please contact Jay Friedland of The Connecticut Compliance Solution at 207-650-4665. In addition, for those credit unions that would like a personal visit and review of the comprehensive Compliance Solution, please contact Tony Emerson via email at to schedule an appointment.

Additional Compliance Services

(Separate from the Connecticut Compliance Solution)

Dues-Supported Vendor Management Software

NCUA Letter to Credit Unions Letter No 07-CU-13, relating to “Evaluating Third-Party Relationships,” is a very auditable and highly examined subject matter. In addition, Mark Treichel of the NCUA has spoken to the fact that this is on the top of every Examiner’s proverbial “radar screen.”

To that end, the Connecticut League has been able to arrange for every dues-paying, affiliated credit union in Connecticut to receive a version of BTG (Buckley Technology Group) Vendor Management Software at no additional cost. This software and its corresponding reporting capabilities are the foundation for a compliant vendor management program.

Training sessions for all interested credit unions are available. Contact Tony Emerson
via email at to schedule an appointment.

Please also use the links available at left and below to access other compliance resources.

InfoSightConnecticut Compliance InfoSight

Also part of our compliance program is Connecticut Compliance InfoSight, a website containing dozens of pages on a variety of compliance topics, including more than 55 sample policies.

Click the logo above or copy the following URL and paste it in your browser to visit the site and sign up for access:

CU PolicyPro

CU-PolicyProHighResResize15pcCU PolicyPro contains comprehensive policies and regulatory guidance developed and written especially for credit unions by regulatory (legal and financial) experts. CU PolicyPro is also completely customizable to the specific needs of each credit union. Existing credit union policies may easily be imported into the management system. CU PolicyPro uses an overall consistent format for clarity and ease of use, so you can find the information you need when you need it.