Balance Sheet Solutions

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Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC (BSS) provides a wide range of investment, advisory, and ALM services to credit unions of all sizes nationwide. BSS delivers one-on-one services to suit the specific needs of individual credit unions.

  • Broker-Dealer investment services – include marketable securities transactions through ISI, Member FINRA/SIPC and brokered CDs through the SimpliCD program – all provided through your individual BSS sales representative.
  • Full investment advisory and consultative services – as an SEC registered investment advisor, BSS will provide the level of advisory services or consulting services from full I/A to policy review to other unique requests including benchmarking and portfolio analytics
  • Interest Rate Risk Modeling and ALM Model Validation – using top of the line analytical systems and tools, BSS provides the level of complexity necessary to assist the largest credit unions in the country to smaller institutions with their ALM and Interest Rate Risk needs, including ALM Validations – a top concern for regulators
  • Educational resources – weekly market commentary publications and webinars are offered throughout the year, geared towards portfolio managers, risk managers, and other decision makers.

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