League Contacts

Toll-free: 800-228-2285, Phone: 203-265-5657
Fax: 203-284-8194, 203-294-4882


Staff Contact Information

Britt, Judy
Direct Dial: 203-608-7056
Cell: 203-886-9744
Email: jbritt@culct.coop

Capone, Joan
Direct Dial: 203-608-7062
Email: jcapone@culct.coop

Fuhlbrigge, Kelly R.
Direct Dial: 203-608-7055
Cell: 203-500-9293
Email: kfuhlbrigge@culct.coop

Hinchey, Dave
Direct Dial: 203-608-7054
Cell: 860-961-8205
Email: dhinchey@culct.coop

Moalli, Nick
Direct Dial: 203-608-7059
Cell: 203-631-7123
Email: nmoalli@culct.coop

Nowacki, Jill
Direct Dial: 203-608-7070
Cell: 203-213-7829
Email: jnowacki@culct.coop
O’Loughlin, Susan
Direct Dial: 203-608-7061
Email: soloughlin@culct.coop
Powers, Bob
Direct Dial: 203-608-7051
Cell: 203-213-0448
Email: rpowers@culct.coop
Stamler, Abbi
Direct Dial: 203-608-7058
Email: astamler@culct.coop
Whalen, Chris
Direct Dial: 203-608-7060
Email: cwhalen@culct.coop
The direct-dial numbers for League staff do not go to the automated attendant system. The staff member will either answer or your call will be directed to their voice mail. If you dial the “traditional” League phone numbers ( 203-265-5657 and 800-228-2285 ), the automated attendant system will answer. You can use the extension numbers to reach staff (last four digits of direct dial), access a staff directory, or utilize other options of the automated system.

League Information Line

203-608-7052, 800-228-2285 Ext. 7052

The League Information Line is a special extension that will provide updated information on office closings, session cancellations, or alerts on new, important upcoming events or activities.