Project Zip Code

project zip code logoState and federal legislative battles are often won by arguments backed up by statistics. Project Zip Code can arm CULCT with powerful statistics that identify how many credit union members are in each Connecticut state and federal legislative district.

The Project Zip Code disk contains a user-friendly computer software program that you run in your credit union. The program counts and categorizes your members by zip code only, and then translates that count into state and federal legislative districts. Once the reports have been generated, you email the report to CUNA so they can add the report contents to their countrywide database.

Project Zip Code will enable us to show legislators exactly how many credit union members/ constituents, live in their district that would be affected by the passage of any legislation that could harm credit unions, most importantly, a tax on credit unions. Project Zip Code can also be used for non-political purposes by helping credit unions to identify appropriate areas for new branches, ATMs, and similar potential service expansion.

Project Zip Code’s other advantages include:

  • Security and privacy of member data. The program does not transfer data other than zip code counts to CUNA, CULCT or anywhere else. It stays on your credit union network.
  • Convenient access and reporting. An Internet connection provides credit unions with easy access to CUNA to send summary reports of membership by legislative district.
  • Cross-referencing. Credit unions can use the reports internally to search their membership by district or legislative committee, and can prepare standardized statistics for letters to legislators.
  • Transferable information. Selected records can be prepared for use in word processing or other database products.

Participating in Project Zip Code is important to both state and federally chartered credit unions, whose members are constituents and voters in both the state and federal elections. Please help us make your members count by running the enclosed new and improved Project Zip Code disk today. If you have any questions or run into any problems running the program, please feel free to contact me at (203) 500-9293 or

Kelly Ramsey Fuhlbrigge
Vice President/Government Relations