Credit Unions Building Financial Independence (CUBFI) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization focused on helping CT residents achieve financial stability and security through program initiatives. The foundation relies on charitable contributions from credit unions and the community to fuel its mission.

Our Mission: As the charitable arm of the Credit Union League of Connecticut, CUBFI serves Connecticut residents and communities in order to help them build and maintain independence through assistance initiatives, financial education, professional development programs, and helping credit unions to do the same.

In collaborating to build economic capacity, CUBFI will invest and work with partners on new programs that will help consumers become financially capable through credit unions. CUBFI is a catalyst and a resource for credit unions to help consumers build assets and achieve financial independence.

Foundation-Supported Initiatives:

  • Financial education programs such as Financial Reality Fairs which have served more than 34,000 CT high school students.
  • Credit union professional development through the National Credit Union Foundations’ development educator program.
  • Support for local organizations that provide food and fuel assistance to those in need.
  • Contributing to industry-wide efforts, like supporting CUAid disaster relief.