Operational Assistance

Small CU Support Program

The Credit Union League of Connecticut and its League Services Corporation has partnered with TCT Risk Solutions to provide a package of operational support services to small credit unions at a substantial discount.

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Core Services Provided

  1. Budget Creation and Monthly Monitoring

  2. Quarterly Automated ALM Base Case Report and Training

  3. Automated ALLL Tool (Including Conversion to CECL WARM When Effective)

  4. Net-Worth Restoration Plan

  5. ALCO Committee Support

  6. Quarterly TCT Vital Sign Report

Additional Services Available

  1. IRR Simulation

  2. Concentration Risk Reporting

  3. 12-Month Liquidity Shock Testing

  4. Risk-Based Loan Pricing

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To learn more and to setup an introductory meeting with TCT Risk Solutions for this program, please contact Chris Whalen at cwhalen@culct.coop.

Looking for something else?

The League does have consultants available for special projects. Let us know what you are looking for, and we can talk about the resources available to meet your needs. Contact us.