President Message

Almost exactly 24 years ago, millions of people sat on pins and needles at the stroke of midnight. The Y2K bug  threatened to make planes fall out of the sky, power grids fail, and even financial institutions might calculate negative interest. All because computer programmers in the 1960s and 70s saved digital storage space by coding the year in two digits (xx/xx/xx) instead of four (xx/xx/xxxx).  

Others, however, followed the advice of the Oracle of Paisley Park 
…"when I woke up this mornin'
Could've sworn it was judgment day/
The sky was all purple/
There were people runnin’ everywhere/
Tryin' to run from the destruction/
You know I didn't even care.
"War is all around us/
My mind says prepare to fight/
So if I gotta die/
I'm gonna listen to my body tonight.
"Everybody's got a bomb/
We could all die any day/
But before I'll let that happen/
I'll dance my life away."
We can hug each other again. We can shake hands. We can walk crowded streets. And we look forward to pursuing our 2024 goals unchecked by a pandemic.  So this year—24 years after the Y2K scare, and freshly past an actual global pandemic, please take a page from Prince and party like its 1999!    
As always,