Project Zip Code

Empower Your Credit Union: Utilize Project Zip Code for Advocacy and Service

Our voice is the strongest when backed by accurate data. That's why the League asks all members to join us in utilizing Project Zip Code (PZC), a powerful tool that counts and matches credit union members by congressional district, state legislative district, and county.

Whether at the GAC or in our statehouse, one of the most impactful topics we discuss with lawmakers is the number of credit union members in their district. But we need your help, whether you're attending the GAC or not. Running Project Zip Code makes a significant difference in ensuring accurate data for advocating on behalf of credit union members in our communities.

What is Project Zip Code (PZC)?

Project Zip Code (PZC) is a secure program designed to count credit union members and match them with their respective Congressional districts, state legislative districts, and counties. These numbers are uploaded to CUNA's Project Zip Code website and combined with data from credit unions nationwide.

Why is Project Zip Code important?

The data generated by Project Zip Code is invaluable for federal and state advocacy efforts. Especially with critical issues like interchange legislation and upcoming elections, having accurate member data strengthens our advocacy initiatives.

Moreover, Project Zip Code offers practical benefits for credit unions. By utilizing its Queries and Reports functions, credit unions can gain insights into their membership's geographic distribution, enabling better service planning, such as ATM expansion and shared branching.

How do I use Project Zip Code?

Using Project Zip Code is straightforward:

1. Visit Project Zip Code and ensure you're logged in to your account through the legacy CUNA login.

2. Navigate to the "Install" tab on the left menu.

3. Follow the detailed user manual provided to guide you through the installation process.

By participating in Project Zip Code, you're not just contributing to advocacy efforts; you're empowering credit unions to better serve their members and communities.

When you join Project Zip Code you can feel good knowing you're helping advocate for every member in every community we serve. Together, we can make a bigger difference!

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